Je Ne Veux Pas Te Dire Bonsoir

Studio recording of Je Ne Veux Pas Te Dire Bonsoir, an original song by Angela Verbrugge from the album Love for Connoisseurs. French adaptation of the Night We Couldn't Say Good Night. Music and lyrics by Angela Verbrugge. French language consultant: Sam DuBois
Monarch Studios, Vancouver March 30, 2021
Angela Verbrugge - vocals
Dave Say - tenor saxophone
Miles Black - piano
Jodi Proznick - bass
Joel Fountain - drums
Dave Sikula - engineer
Ryan Enockson - engineering, mixing, mastering
Producer - Angela Verbrugge
Associate Producer - Caity Gyorgy
Arranging - Miles Black
In this Video Artist(s) Angela Verbrugge Quartet Resource(s) Monarch Studios
Posted: Feb. 16, 2022
Filmed: Mar. 30, 2021